As an property owner, you can be assured that we look after the plumbing in your house as if you were our next door neighbour.

We make the best decisions we think possible that fits in with the condition of the property that we attend.

For example, if it's an older house or unit and the bathroom basin taps are warn out , we look at using an economical entry level replacement.

If you have a more upmarket property we will (if need be) replace the tap exactly the same if the tap is still available.

If there are no markings to identify the tap we take a photo of the tap and then search around to find the nearest matching tap.

If the tap has to be replaced on the same day we either use the closest match that we would have in the service vehicle or install a temporary tap and source the nearest matching tap.

Our best time saver is our Drain Cameras, whenever we have a problem with a drain, we insert a drain camera and observe what the problem is,Typically it is a broken pipe allowing tree roots into the drain causing a blockage.The camera head has a built in transmitter which we can trace at ground level. We use a locator at ground level and we can pin point where the camera head is underneath. The locator also gives us the depth of the drain as well so we can accurately determine the cost to repair the drain before we start.

Our other time savers are moisture readers for reading through tiles and brick, plaster, timber and another for reading moisture in carpet to better gauge where the moisture is more prevalent.

You can call Gary on 0419555004 or send us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We also own and operate the highly successful employee rewards program