Thank you to the property managers who have used us for many years - we appreciate your loyalty and your professional approach to servicing your owners and tenants.

We have an established group of clients that we have worked for over many years, and have built up great relations with Property Managers and many property owners.

We are committed to helping make your job easier by providing a high quality and reliable service. You can be sure that once the job is sent through to us, we focus on completing the work as soon possible.

For your peace of mind, the plumber has the history and supporting notes from our previous visits. This has proven to save time and money. We also make note of any item that may need attention if we are called back to the property in the future.

We call the tenants on the same day that the work order is sent through and arrange a time; or in many cases the tenant gives us permission to collect the keys. Often, we are able to carry out work quickly if we have prior permission from both the property manager and tenant to collect the keys from the agency office to access the property when needed.

Our attention to detail provided in our invoices provides adequate content to explain exactly what we did when we were at your clients property.

.....Our best time saver is our Drain Cameras, whenever we have a problem with a drain, we insert a drain camera and observe what the problem is, typically it is a broken pipe allowing tree roots into the drain causing a blockage. The camera head has a built in transmitter which we can trace at ground level. We use a locator at ground level and we can pin point where the camera head is underneath. The locator also gives us the depth of the drain as well so we can accurately determine the cost to repair the drain before we start.

Our other time savers are moisture readers for reading through tiles and brick, plaster, timber and another for reading moisture in carpet to better gauge where the moisture is more prevalent

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